What is Media Supply?

Product Images in professional quality

  • You can select two quality levels (500 px or 1200 px).
  • You will receive multiple angles of photos per product and always in the same order to keep consistency.
  • Increasing number of product videos now available. You will receive the links to the videos.


We provide you with the rights to use the entire image material. Thus, you are protected against legal disputes.

* The most up-to-date media authorization file, which is made available on a regular basis, is decisive for the audited rights of use.

Product Videos

  • Increasing number of videos, now available over 2300 links.
  • Video links to YouTube and vimeo.
  • How-to-videos, unboxing, product videos, image videos etc.


For vivid information on your web site!

Technical Specifications

  • The preparation of the technical data for products follows the same structure for consistency. Thus, the products in the web shop can be compared.
  • This information is available in different languages.
  • The technical data is always complete.


The technical data can be used as a basis for promotions with this product.

Article Data

Details provided for each product:

  • EAN number
  • Stock availability
  • Purchase prices and MSRP
  • Price change
  • Status (new, discontinued model)
  • Manufacturer model
  • Customs tariff numbers

Accessory Matrix

  • You will get matching accessories suggestions that will facilitate additional business (original accessories and universal accessories) for the products.


After a successful data transfer to your web store, you can immediately start online marketing.

What is Media Supply?